Welcome to my blog

I’m James Robertson of the Daneke family. This is my blog that goes with my various businesses. I am a licensed pilot, Realtor, Broker, Ham Radio Operator, Computer engineer, phone guy, and I’m permanently disabled from an accident at a former client site. I am Membership Director for a private corporation.

I’ve been interested in Ham Radio since my teens and hold the highest Ham Radio class, Extra. My call sign is W7RA, which I received as a call sign when I lived outside Portland Oregon in a place called Tigard.

I’ve worked on computers since punch cards. I actually punched cards on this machine and waited for the output from the printer. We had no screens.


Since 1959 I have lived in the Sacramento Area for over 30 years. As a child we lived in Arden Park and belonged to Del Paso Country Club before moving to Piccadilly Circle in Del Dayo Estates. 2 months later we moved to Saratoga. I returned for a brief time after graduating from Chico State, then moved to Los Angeles, then Las Vegas, Orange County, Denver, then back to Sacramento in 1999 or so and brief stay in Portland and Irvine, but otherwise in Sacramento. I’ve been a licensed real estate broker since 2004 with no negative incidents attributable to the licensee. I am a current Realtor and support all we believe in, especially honesty in dealing with all. Sad that we have to put that in writing.

In  the fall of 2016 I fell off a ladder in a warehouse.  I hit my head on the concrete. I was stunned for the rest of the day. For days maybe weeks afterwards, I would vomit each morning and be very dizzy. Having worked in hospital in the past I decided that it would not be necessary to go to the hospital to have them spend $50 Grand to say i have brain damage. I soon after the incident found myself unable to smell or taste. I can’t smell smoke, chemicals, bad food, nothing is correct. It’s like a bad movie.


Republic of California


Dad had keys to this building, The Bank of California, downtown San Francisco. He loved that bank. He served it from the early 60’s maybe late 50’s. It was the only bank that had branches on another state. No other bank was in three states. Bank of California was in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle Washington. Dad knew all the big guns because he was one.  Dad started at downtown Bank of California and was soon promoted to Vice President and Branch Manager of the Watt Avenue and King’s Way Arden branch.  Dad was a member of the Arden Rotary and Del Paso Country Club. He stayed at that branch until he was transferred to San Jose Main in 1971.

In San Jose Dad was in charge of Santa Clara Bank of California locations (4) as it was becoming Silicon Valley. When Sumitomo Bank of Japan took over Bank of California, Dad allowed his customers to easily follow him to Bank of Santa Clara where he became the president. That was in late 70’s. It’s not mentioned in Bank of California history but I lived it After running Bank of Santa Clara for some he for whatever reason came back to Sacramento to Gold River where he formed American River Bank with Buzz Oates, Bill Witherow, Wayne Matthews, M.D., and others. He ran that until he and Mom retired in Palm Desert.  She died in 1995 and he in 2008. He moved back to Carmichael and lived at El Camino Gardens, and what is now the Atria.

Dad had cat eyes and attended Bohemian Grove once that I remember and maybe more as I went to school in Iowa. in the late 70’s. He was Beta Theta Pi, Sainte Claire Club. Good Will, Boy’s City Boy’s Club, and he went inside the mountain in Colorado and he went up in a blimp and he was 6’4″ 240 ex-army quartermaster Sgt with a nasty temper sometimes. You needed to be careful.

I bought a car

Since the California Highway Patrol Jeff Welsh and Golden State Towing stole my car, I have lived with no automobile for almost 2 years although I did have company truck for much of that time, but that’s not the same.

The car has 135,000 miles and runs great and good brakes, steering, interior, stereo, and blows ice cold.

I got the Carfax which shows every maintenance since 2001. It was manufactured on my Father’s 78th birthday. I’ve ordered new headlights and remotes but other that that this car is a winner, and a one owner winner outside of 4 months or so.

I have new headlights on the way.


I have this problem which was caused by a T.B.I. (Tramatic Brain Injury) in 2016. I was on a ladder in a dusty warehouse and the ladder slipped and I hit my head on the concrete and after a few months of getting used to a new life with nothing other than bad chemical smell and taste to everything I used to enjoy. People that call me “brother” and “only friend” tell me that making a claim on the company insurance policy for the fall is akin to some war and accuse me of threats when I mention I’d like to get paid for my injury.